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"The Truth will set you free."
- The man who never went into politics

Audio Length: 81 minutes
Walking Distance: 2 miles
# of Scandals: 30+
Price: ~$9

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American Scandal

Ranked #6 on American University's 51 Things Everyone Should Experience in DC, this Washington DC walking tour has been featured on Politico, ABC, The Hill, RTTV, WTOP, The Examiner, Let's Talk Live, and more! Which congressman held a press conference from an exotic dancing club? Who shot his wife's lover and got away with it? Who challenged the press to dig up dirt on him and lost? Lurid "tails" and excesses of human nature abound unapologetically at every turn. Washington DC is as famous for its dastardly deeds as for its architectural beauty or even the work done on Capitol Hill. Travel through time on our American Scandal Audio Tour, which serves as a humorous stroll through the indiscretions of our Founding Fathers all the way up to present day political high jinks. Disclaimer: Rated R (for Ridiculous)