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"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other forms that have been tried. - Winston Churchill

Audio Length: 56 min
Walking Distance: 1.2 miles
Price: ∼$9

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The Capitol Hill Tour

This Washington DC Capitol Hill tour weaves the stories of old Jenkins Hill in the form of a walking tour. Visit the Ulysses Grant Memorial and hear how a store clerk rose to Civil War General and then became President. Stand where the inaugurations are held and listen to past presidents in their own voice. Learn about the Legislative branch of government. Find out the untold history of the Statue of Freedom, and the former slave who hoisted it into place. Hear how the British burned down DC during the War of 1812, and how Thomas Jefferson helped it come back. Listen to the voice of the only citizen who became both President and Supreme Court Justice on his ideas for the Judicial Branch. Discover what happened when a train crashed through the walls of Union Station. Our Capitol Hill tour is full of exciting history − take it today!