Private Tours & Group Tours

Why choose us for your group and private tours of Washington DC?
#1 - We love what we do, and love that we can provide you with a rich and dynamic tour experience - as our tours are the only tours that combine the powers of storytelling, historical audio, music, interesting facts, and sound effects.
#2 - Your group can take any of our tours any time you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, fitting perfectly into any and all of your scheduling needs.
#3 - We are simply the most affordable. Most private and group tours in DC cost between $150-$240 for groups up to ten people, $250-$500 for groups of 11-30 people, and $500+ for 31 or more people. At $6-$10 per person per tour, we cut that cost dramatically.

Student Tours
Are you an educator or student group leader seeking information on Washington DC Student Tours? We can help you out! Our tours are educational as well as entertaining, and combine storytelling with music, historical audio, and sound effects. Both teachers and students love our tours, and your students are guaranteed to listen and learn when the headphones are on and your student group is on one of our walking tours. Why let your students get bored and struggle to hear when they can have exciting history, effects, and music in their ear? We make logistics easy, and since our tours are available on ITunes/Amazon/Google Play, all you need to do is have your students download them to their phone or MP3 player, and then print the map!