The story of this Memorial is included in our Tidal Basin/Cherry Blossom Tour. Listen to a preview here and download the FDR stops by themselves or as part of the full tour!

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The FDR Memorial Experience

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial conveys not only the spirit of the country’s longest serving President, but the spirit of his time atop American History, when the country was mired in the Great Depression and World War Two. This is the longest Washington DC Memorial, at over 800 feet long. It is divided into 4 major rooms (one for each term as President), and an introductory area known as the Prologue. We have painstakingly researched and mapped every inch of this memorial, and using narration, historical audio excerpts, music, and sound effects, we are proud to now offer the original FDR Memorial Experience audio walking tour. It is included as part of our Tidal Basin Memorials & Cherry Blossom Tour.